Implementing a Large CiviCRM install


Watch the video (Parvez Saleh)

Watch the video (Chris Wolfe)

This session will cover all aspects of implementing CiviCRM for the Leukaemia Lymphoma Research based in London, United Kingdom.

Some key statistics about the Leukaemia Lymphoma Research

  • 80+ Full time users
  • Lots of sports events organised throughout the year
  • Over £20 million in donations every year, processed through CiviCRM
  • All donations thanked using CiviCRM
  • Financial imports from on line fundraising sites such as Just Giving and Virgin Money

The session will include a presentation from the implementer Parvez Saleh of Veda Consulting Limited and Chris Wolfe (Database Manager) from the Leukaemia Lymphoma Research.

Implementer Topics

  • Data and Conversion of 350k contacts, 1.2million contribution records
  • Single Go live for all users and web site
  • Huge benefits of event and donation feeds directly into CiviCRM
  • Custom module for batch processing and thanking of donations
  • Business processes altered to fit into CiviCRM
  • Customer Feedback
  • Architecture to ensure uptime

Customer Topics

  • Background to the the Leukaemia Lymphoma Research
  • Previous CRM - Visual Alms
  • Implementation process, roles and responsibilties
  • Improvement as a result of migrating to CiviCRM
  • What the future holds

Schedule info

Time slot: 
2 April 15:30 - 16:20
Kinzie West

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