Community-driven open source software. What does that mean to me and my organization? How can I participate?

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Like many open source projects, CiviCRM is shaped, guided, and driven by its community, a far-flung ecosystem of users, developers, and implementers who utilize CiviCRM in many different ways and bring to it a wide array of skills, experiences, and perspectives. These varied and diverse offerings are crucial to the continued success of CiviCRM, but they can move the project forward only if they find their way back into the public stream of discussion and collaboration.

This Q & A session is intended for folks who are new to CiviCRM and / or new to open source software. We'll talk about how the project works, and how you and your organization can participate in the community. We can also discuss questions you may have about open source licensing, ways to get support, and how new features happen.

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2 April 11:10 - 12:00
Kinzie West

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