CiviCRM for Drupal Developers - Orientation, Pitfalls, Leveraging the Power of Views and Webform Integration

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This session is targeted at Drupal developers who know and love Forms API, DB:TNG, t(), and Fields, but may be new to CiviCRM. Questions to be addressed include:

Why is developing for CiviCRM different from developing for CiviCRM?

What pitfalls need to be avoided by a team with Drupal experience working with Civi for the first time?

What is the landscape of Drupal integration modules, past, present, and future?

We will dive into the new Webform Integration module as a case study of how to integrate Drupal modules with CiviCRM: we'll look at how it was built, and how it can save you time in building your own projects!

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Time slot: 
2 April 15:30 - 16:20
Kinzie East

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