CiviCRM Customization - Techniques and Caveats

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CiviCRM has a great deal of flexibility to customize its functionality. However like any system, there are limits. This presentation will help developers know when to stop. We will cover limits on customization in these areas:

· Custom data: When to use custom data, pros and cons, and the breaking point of adding custom fields

· Overriding templates and PHP files: When to use templates and PHP overrides, pros and cons, and the breaking point of overriding templates

· Creating custom modules (using hooks or custom CiviCRM modules): When to use custom modules, pros and cons and the breaking point of custom modules

We will also address 'low budget' and 'low impact' customizations using jQuery to alter forms and other aspects of CiviCRM, presenting specific examples of jQuery used to modify admin screens and public forms.

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2 April 14:30 - 15:20
Kinzie East

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