Breaking your proprietary software habit, best practices for data import into CiviCRM

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If you are considering breaking your addiction to proprietary software and want to enjoy the freedom and benefits that free open source software affords your organization, then help is only a data migration away!

The new API version 3 makes data import convenient, repeatable and enjoyable. In this session we'll showcase different pathways of getting data out of different proprietary and custom systems into CiviCRM during a data migration. We'll also cover methods of keeping CiviCRM synchronized with third party data sources using scripts. Using open source tools to automate, pipeline and cleanse the data and cover our experience with the Drupal migrate module via CiviMigrate.

We'll end with an open Q&A discussion on data import best practices starting with planning, mapping, cleaning and performing the import.

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2 April 10:10 - 11:00
Kinzie West

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