Web Access (India) Pvt Ltd

Web Access is a global software development and information technology company providing development solutions to enterprises worldwide.

Headquartered in India, and with offices located in Newark (New Jersey, USA) Web Access combines proven expertise and a deep domain understanding of technology to deliver a range of IT services from product development, custom application development, and user interface design services to enterprises across the globe.

Web Access has developed a unique model of partnering with software companies to create a dedicated virtual offshore subsidiary complemented by highly skilled experts on - demand. This offers the best of both worlds; the flexibility of outsourcing combined with the control of a captive subsidiary without the drawbacks of either. With ongoing relationships with a number of firms, we pride ourselves on being a true partner.

A dedicated Web Access Team forms the Core CiviCRM Development Team in India. Web Access has been the CiviCRM development partner since the project's inception by CiviCRM LLC. CiviCRM professional services from Web Access include:

CiviCRM process consulting
CiviCRM configuration and implementation
CiviCRM customization
CiviCRM module implementation (CiviReport, CiviSchool, CiviContribute, CiviEvent, CiviMail, CiviMember, CiviCase, CiviCampaign, CiviPledge and CiviGrant)
Data porting and data migration
CiviCRM training
CiviCRM support – upgrades and maintenance
Designing Drupal based websites and integrating CiviCRM database with Drupal websites
Develop applications that speak to CiviCRM through its API.
Designing Joomla based websites and integrating CiviCRM database with Joomla websites

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