rayogram is a New York-based creative agency whose work helps innovative companies, progressive non-profits and effective government agencies leave an impression.

Our capabilities are vast: Creative Strategies. Content development. Identity and publication design. Campaigns. Web sites. Web applications. Constituent relationship management databases. Ongoing evaluation, creative and technical support.

One of the cornerstones of our work is building databases to help clients managetheir constituent relationships - connecting participants with programs; grantees with grants; advocates with campaigns; donors with giving opportunities.

Our holistic constituent relationship management solution allows clients to create and manage one complete profile for each constituent - automatically recording every point of interaction with their organization.

We offer audits of existing CRM solutions, data analysis, data import, customization of CiviCRM workflows and templates, training, and deployment.

We have deployed CiviCRM for clients large and small including:
- The New York State Senate whose Bluebird application allows 62 district senate offices to manage close to 19 million constituent records and all interactions with them (via Web, phone and e-mail).
- The Clean Economy Network who manages memberships, campaign contributions, newsletters and events registrations while allowing volunteers around the country to manage chapter events and newsletters autonomously.
- The New York City Coalition Against Hunger who manages donors, volunteers and activists while also generating Google Maps of colleagues offering services to the hungry.
- The Breast Cancer Research Foundation who manages donor contacts, contributions, newsletter subscriptions, events registration and peer-to-peer fund-raising campaigns.
- The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)
- The Office of The Public Advocate of New York City
and more...

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